Control Costs and Save Energy with Environmentally-Friendly Rail Freight

MTW is committed to Energy Efficient Rail as a viable transportation option for its Customers.

In partnership with Northern Lines Railway, railcars are spotted on MTW rail spurs, alongside our warehouses. Here at our warehouses, our Customers' goods are bridged (transloaded) into and out of railcars and trucks. Goods can be crossdocked (move straight through the warehouse) or stored as needed.

If your inbound continental movements are high volume and recurrent, rail savings over long distances can be very attractive. Many commodities such as bundled forest products, bulk industrial (in super sacks), palletized industrial goods, palletized consumer goods (canned goods) can all move by car. Due to these rail efficiencies, many large producers "direct load" into railcars on their own spurs, on site. We would be pleased to help qualify Rail as a possible transportation option for you!

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